Conference Dates: February 1-3, 2009
Conference Location: Cragun's Resort ()
Conference Website: http://megt.org
Target Audience:
Conference Overview:

Four English teachers (Lorrie Beaulieu, Sue Kluegel, MaryBell Wolff and Kathy Mackin) from the middle school attended this confernce to gain understanding of gifted and talented criteria, grouping, and ideas for our upcomng Honors English classes being added in 2009-2010.
Terry Troutman and Anne Miller, from OHA and WW were also at the conference and we were able to chat with them about G&T district and metro wide. I felt that the most outstanding speaker/educatior there was a teacher named Steve Schroeder-Davis from Elk River. He had a very strong knowlede base for Differentiation as well as G&T. Currently he is a T.O.S.A. and is a consultant to educators across the country. He is going to be a valuable resource for the middle school as we begin planning for our Honors level Englsih classes. Steve taught language arts and his district has been offering middle school Honors English for 20 years. He had several suggestions for making differentiation manageable for teacers; one of his sessins was titled, I'm dancing as fast as I can". Steve also conveyed his belief in offering abiltiy groups in the best interest of students.